US 3D Building Footprints
  • 184+ million addressed properties
  • building heights and ground elevations
  • annual updates
3D Building Footprints

Enhance your location intelligence with accurate 3D building polygons.

Rapid Updates

Buildings change. We process millions of buildings every month using newer imagery, Lidar and improved AI to update our building footprints.


Our dataset includes detailed roof outlines with over 98% average accuracy.


Detailed street addresses for all buildings.

3D data

Additional attributes like building heights, estimated stories and building volume are available for over 151 million structures.
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What can you do with building footprints?

The US 3D Building Footprints product provides GIS-ready building data to support a host of mapping and spatial analysis functions. Example applications include:

  • Broadband mapping: Accurately map and report fixed and mobile broadband coverage with unprecedented granularity.
  • Improved geocoding: Go beyond street level or parcel centroid based geocoding solutions to accurate building rooftop based locations.
  • Enhanced mobile marketing: Target your customers better based on their proximity to a building geofence.
  • Improved insurance underwriting: Use distance to buildings locations to understand and model property risk from floods, landslides, fire, utility lines, trees etc.
  • 5G planning: Create accurate models with 3D buildings for RF simulation.
  • City planning: Understand urban growth, map heat islands, conduct line of sight analysis, generate 3D building models etc.
  • Change analysis: Map buildings across different years to enable detailed insights into residential and commercial construction activity across time.
  • Building monitoring: Find and map unapproved structures by comparing building permit data to ground structures.
  • Population mapping: Use dasymmetric mapping with building footprints to map and visualize demographic data precisely across regions.

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Dallas, Texas 3D Building Footprints

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