Grand Junction, Colorado (2019)
Grand Junction, Colorado (2019)
Grand Junction, Colorado (2019), Land Cover
Grand Junction, Colorado (2019)
Grand Junction, Colorado (2019)
Grand Junction, Colorado (2019)
Grand Junction, Colorado (2019), Land Cover
Grand Junction, Colorado (2019)

AI powered high-resolution mapping on demand.

Land Cover

EarthDefine's US Land Cover on demand product provides high-resolution land cover mapping for any area in the contiguous United States. Our propreitary AI can deliver over 95% accurate high-resolution (60 cm) land cover data typically within days of placing an order. We can also provide a historical snapshot of land cover by classifying older aerial imagery from our data archive.

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Class NameValueClassification Description
Herbaceous1all surfaces with non-woody vegetation - lawns, cropland, grasses, etc.
Bare2non-vegetated non-impervious cover - snow, sand, barren farmland, rock, etc.
Impervious3impermeable built-up surfaces - roads and transportation infrastructure, sidewalks, buildings, parking lots, etc.
Water4open water - lakes, rivers, streams, sea, ponds, etc.
Shrubs6low woody vegetation - early stage or stunted trees
Trees over Impervious7tree canopy covering built-up surfaces

How is this data created?

EarthDefine has leveraged advancements in computer vision and AI to address complex geospatial classification challenges. We have developed robust AI models for extracting different ground cover types. These AI models are deployed on high-resolution color infrared imagery to create the US Land Cover Map product.

How does it compare with existing datasets?

Coarser resolution land cover datasets are often used in projects that need analytics over a large area. However, low resolution data products can have a high degree of commission and ommission errors, especially in complex environments like urban areas. EarthDefine's data overcomes these limitations by precisely capturing even small variations in ground cover while enabling rapid extraction across large geographies.

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What can you do with the Land Cover data?

The Land Cover product helps local, state and federal agencies, companies and non-profits by supplying accurate and spatially explicit high-resolution land cover data for performing a wide range of mapping and analytical functions. Example applications include:

  • measuring current and potential tree canopy coverage for Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) assessments
  • understanding quantity/quality of stormwater runoff based on the distribution of impervious and other land cover
  • improving line of sight radio wave propagation modeling for wireless planning through derivative 'clutter' classification
  • conducting environmental impact assessments for construction projects
  • monitoring land cover change related to oil and gas development
  • finding the least-cost pathways for building utility corridors and highways
  • predicting erosion risk through analysis of land cover and terrain data
  • wildfire risk modeling and mitigating post fire ecological impacts
  • monitoring urban growth
  • using dasymetric mapping methods to improve surface population maps for risk vulnerability analysis related to natural disasters
  • modeling carbon storage and change as a function of land cover types

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