Centennial, Colorado (2019)
Centennial, Colorado (2019)
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US Parking Lots
Over 6.3 million parking spaces

AI derived outdoor parking map

Enhance your location intelligence with accurate data on the built-up environment.

Rapid Updates

Built-up areas are in constant change. We acquire new imagery every year to update the parking lots database.


Our AI is trained to accurately map outdoor parking spaces that are over 1000 sq. feet.


Detailed street addresses can be added to all parking lots.

Need spatial context?

Acquire adjoining building footprints to understand spatial relationships.

What can you do with parking lot polygons?

The US Parking Lots dataset provides GIS-ready parking polygons to support a host of mapping and spatial analysis functions. Example applications include:

  • Providing better guidance for last mile delivery operations for loading and unloading deliveries
  • Identifying places to locate Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure
  • Assessing lots for conversion to covered parking for installing solar panels
  • Locating potential sites for residential or commercial development
  • Targeting of customers based on their parking locations to improve mobile marketing
  • Finding locations for public health outreach
  • Understanding urban growth and urban heat islands
  • Locating sites for ride sharing pickup and dropoff

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EarthDefine US Parking Lots Coverage
Technical Specifications
Source60cm Imagery
Horizontal accuracy of the source imagery+/- 6 meter CE95 or better

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